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Expert Trade Adviser

As a professional International Trade Specialist, we are committed to provide the necessary guidance through any and all processes needed to produce and deliver quality products to your warehouse. With ICBT help, you won’t risk to get low quality items and we assure safety of your transactions. ICBT is looking after your interests and business in China.

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IC Business and Trade is a procurement specialist with 20 years of experience in business.

We provide comprehensive services from sourcing, product development, purchasing production control, quality assurance up to final inspections, logistic arrangement and product delivery.

Our main goal is to provide the highest level of services in the field of production and supply chain. We aim at high product quality, which complies with legal and safety requirements of distribution territory.

We are operating across many industries from housewares, clothing, jewelry & accessories up to retail packing and promotional items.

Our cooperation with companies such as yours is designed to help streamline the entire process of production and import process for customers who had already previously collaborated with China or those who are new in the industry.

We will help you to carry out a successful and safe transactions with Chinese manufacturers. We know that your satisfaction is a guarantee of continued cooperation with us in the future.

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